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Undercounter Filters
EDP Code: 03703-00006
Article: 1612-222308 (10

Stream 4 Stage Features : 

Ultrafiltration Membrane
The ultrafiltration membrane removes bacteria and provides micro-biologically safe and clean drinking water for you and your family.
Anti-bacterial Carbon
Anti-bacterial carbon powder in the last filtration step will prevent a contamination from the outside.
Encapsulated Filter
Encapsulated filters allows a clean and safe filtration process without contamination from the outside. The high quality filter media allows an extraordinary clean and safe filter performance.
Filter replacement
The Stiebel Eltron Stream filter cartridges are easy to change. The PUSH & CLICK system allows the filter change without using any tools. No plumber or expert is needed.
Automatic Water Shut Off
The filter system has an integrated automatic water stop. As soon as the filter is plugged out off the adapter the water flow will shut off automatically.
Clip Function
Space saving - because of the clip function of the filter system, there is no extra space needed for under the sink installation and the filter can be easily changed.refore, it produces a very soft and high quality drinking water.

Details :

 Color  White, light silver sticker with screen on the
 adapter and connector
 Parts  Head connector,
 4 encapsulated filters (10"),
 goose neck faucet (1/4"),
 flexible pipe (1/4"x1.5m),
 nipple (1/2"x1/4"x1/2"),
 Ball valve (1/4"), L connector
 Installation  Under the Counter
 Dimension (mm)  Filter  290 x 330 x 73 mm
 Box  252 x 360 x 140 mm
 Weight (kg)  Box  3.63 kg
 1 - 4 bar
 4º - 35º C
 Rated Service
 1.80 l/min at 1 bar
 Filter System
 4 Stage 10"
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