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Countertop Filters
EDP Code: 03703-00001
Article: 1512-222303

Features :

5 in 1 Filter
Five filter stages are combined in one single filter cartridge. The well selected filter media and its specification allow for an extraordinary clean and safe filter performance.
Ultrafiltration (UF) Membrane
The ultrafiltration hollow fiber technology with a pore size of 0.01 nominal and 0.1 absolute micron rating will remove bacteria and other microorganism like algae, cysts and partly viruses from the water. The UF filter provides bacteria safe drinking water for you and your family.
Display with indicator and beeper
the indicator and beeper alarm will set off, if the filter has to be changed, it is based on flow volume and time
Filter replacement
The Stiebel Eltron fountain filter cartridge is easy to change. No plumber or expert is needed
Anti-bacterial Silverlite
An anti-bacterial silver impregnated mineral stone protects the filter against contamination from the filter outlet
One-way nozzle on the flexible pipe
This nozzle at the outlet of the flexible pipe allows water and airflow only from the inside to the outside direction. Any contamination from water or air from the pipe outlet is impossible

Details :

 Color  White, Light Silver, Stainless Steel
 Parts  Main body of water purifier, 1.5 m plastic blue
 (¼"), fitting, single ball valve, batteries, 1 filter
 Installation  Countertop or mounted (direct installation to the tap)
 Dimension (mm)  Filter  165 x 340 x 178 mm
 Box  220 x 370 x 185 mm
 Weight (kg)  Filter  3.40
 Box  4.10
 1 - 4 bar
 4º - 35 ºC
 Rated Service
 2.0 l/min at 1bar
 Test Report IQA Lab
 Filter System  1 Filter - 5 Steps
 Filter Lifetime  12 months or 4,320 Liters (depends on the
 quality of water)

* Note : The life time will depend on the water quality. It is based on the consumption of 12 L daily. 

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