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Mapelastic Flexible Waterproofing Mortar

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Waterproofing (Flexible Cement )
EDP Code: 00158-01050
Article: Mapelastic

Mapelastic - Two-component flexible cement mortar for waterproofing concrete surface


is  a  two - component  mortar  based  on  cements,  graded  fine-grain  aggregates with  special  additives  and  synthetic  polymers  in  water  dispersion,  ideal  for  waterproofing concrete  surface  and  it  can  be  easily  applied  to  bathroom,  roof  gutter  and  bridging  hairline crack  in  layers  up  to  2 mm  per  coat.   It  also  prevent  staining  of  natural  stones  caused by  moisture  that  seep  into  the  substrate.

Typical Applications :

  • Waterproof    protective    coatings   for concrete  surfaces  subject  to  chemical attack   by,   for  example,  de-icing  salts and  sulphates.
  • Flexible  waterproof  protection  of  rendered surfaces  with  hairline  cracks.
  • Waterproof  protective  covering  for  earth-retaining  walls.
  • Flexible    protection    of    small  section concrete  structures  which  are, therefore, subject to deformation under load (e.g. prefabricated structures).
  • Waterproof  membranes  laid  under  internal  and  external  ceramic  tile  floors.
Mixing Ratio (By Weight): Packing:
Component A : Compenent B
3 kgs : 1 kg.
 Comp.A (Powder) = 24 kgs/bag
 Comp.B (Liquid)   =   8 kgs/drum  
            TOTAL WT. = 32 kgs. /set
Approximate Coverage: Application:
  • 1.7 Kgs per Sq. M. Per
     1mm of Thickness
  • 3.4 Kgs per Sq. M. Per
     1mm of Thickness
  • 5.1 Kgs per Sq. M. Per
     1mm of Thickness
Preferably by Flat Trowel
Mixing Tool Also Required for
Proper Mixing.
Approximate area Cover
Per Set of 32 kgs
Estimated Price Per Sq. M.
1 mm
2 mm
3 mm
18.82 Sq. M.
9.41 Sq. M.
6.30 Sq. M.
1 mm
2 mm
3 mm

Use : Proper Mixing and Hand Tools

  • Electric Drill 1/2" or 3/8" with speed adjustment.
    Low speed is require mixing.
  • Mixing Paddle
  • 4.5 L Bucket
  • Trowel
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